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again this "gamer-runs-amok-stereotype xD

but the animation was good, very interesting.
of course it depends on people themselfes how easy things like that affect them, but i agree that everything we catch up in TV, games and so on affects us a little bit even if we dont want to.
in my opinion things like music clips and advertisements are the most dangerous kinds of brainwashing - cause their only purpose is to manipulate the audience to buy stuff, buy the shitty album and so on.

thats why im kinda happy to be a gamer instead of this mtv controlled idiots xD
and of course i will not play video games for ever :D hm... maybe as a pensioner ^^

akoRn responds:

haha. i enjoyed readin ur comment. thx

madness-crap, AND collab??

two kinds of flash submissions with the lowest requirement of talent just merged! gosh!
and why are you guys giving reviews on your own stuff? thats a bit sad

now to the flash itself - nearly every "scene" looked the same (a regular madness phenomenon), it was not creative at all, the music was just dumb and not fitted to the scenes. the one star goes to the collab organizer to get this bunch to (somehow) "work together".

well, it looked cool

but its still too pointless and short.
and stop asking yourself how this got frontpage, its not new that shit gets frontpage, so get used to it xD
maybe it caused some people to vote 10 cause it made them laugh - i had the same face expression all the time, and it was not funny in my opinion.

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the second transmission contains the same music that plays around a "Dark spirit" in
this big Diablo 2 mod (I forgot its name)

Found a bug

Number 7 was pretty bugged, when I tried to move a block they began to move really fast and got stuck in each other, making the level impossible to beat - besides that a very cool concept^^

kinda simular to portal

lying testing admin, escape from a testing complex, a teleport device (but using a quantum shadow instead of a quantum tunnel xD)
it could be more original but all in one still a good game.

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its truely heavy metal

nothing else.
but it need more overdrive in my opinion XD

very great job, incredible quality

liked it. great drums
what is the best way to record an e-guitar without a good mic? i have no idea xD

Metaljonus responds:


nice quality

loved the drums and the guitar
this one dont need lyrics xD
how did you recorded the guitar? i once tried to connect it to the amp and then with a line in cable to my soundcards mic-input, but i had a lot of disturbing noise while recording with an overdrive effect :D it would be nice if you could give me some tips

HappyHomicide responds:

I think this was a mic running into my line in... not so good, man

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this is great xD

i have to say that military fashion in ww2 looked pretty cool^^
i think im in love with the soviets gun

dommi-fresh responds:

i am in love with his face.


my rating is self-explanatory, isn't it? :D

great xD

two of the robo-bees flying up there look like "stakato drones" to me - a mob thats found in the screaming swamp in a mmorpg called "lineage 2"
can it be that something like that inspired you a bit?^^

life is live-able if you're living the life to live forever. o.O

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